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    Local VAT registrations and advisory

    Local & International VAT Matters

    If you are importing and exporting across Europe or are expanding your activities into other European countries or have intracommunity movements, there are a number of requirements you must follow to ensure your business is fully compliant with the VAT regulations.

    The specific country limitations and requirements for VAT registrations and compliance vary and are complex in nature, hence access to specialist knowledge is essential.

    As a client of ours, you have a privileged access to our European experts assisting you through the jungle of local compliance legislation. We handle everything from how to register for VAT in another country, how to file your monthly VAT returns through to managing local compliance and logistic issues in the different European countries.

    VAT Registrations

    There are many situations where it becomes mandatory to register for a local VAT number in a country where you have some business activity. Depending on the level of business or the related activities you conduct in another European country, it can be prudent or obligatory to register in order to comply or take advantage of tax credits and reclaims.

    We handle your European VAT obligations to ensure you optimize and simplify the bureaucracy around your VAT registrations and related compliance.

    Not sure when you need an EU VAT number or what is needed for filing a VAT number in Europe??

    Check out the EU VAT Guide on VAT registration requirements in Europe and when you should apply for an EU VAT number.


    Local VAT Compliance

    With 30 years of experience working with international VAT matters we are ready to help you manage your local VAT, EC Sales List (ESL) and Intrastat returns in Europe. We have a multilingual team of vat experts managing your pan-European VAT needs whilst providing you with a single point of contact.

    Our local experts monitor the changes in their VAT legislation to ensure the team is up to date and that you comply with the latest regulations.

    VAT compliance is more than just filing paperwork; the EU tax authorities require that VAT is properly declared by both parties in any cross-border transaction and they require a multitude of forms to be filed in conjunction with your local returns. Our team has the expertise and experience to navigate you through the intricacies of local regulations and foreign tax compliance.


    Local & International VAT Advisory

    With indirect tax on global businesses becoming one of the most common ways for governments to increase revenues, it is critical for companies to understand the implications and impact on compliance and VAT recovery and to have a holistic view of their pan-European activities from a tax perspective.

    The Cash Back Group offers international VAT advisory services through a network of indirect tax experts who are well informed and who understand the nuances of local regulations.

    We help you with planning, guide you through different local and global complexities and support you in every step of the process to minimise risk and ensure full compliance. Learn more about how we can help your company.