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  • TECHNOLOGY ENABLED VAT RECLAIMSAutomation with Human Intelligence.

    Accurate. Simplified. Maximised VAT Refunds.

    From data retrieval to payment processing and reporting our systems automate every step in the foreign VAT recovery process to ensure maximum refunds in the quickest time.

    The difference with our automated systems is their integration with quality assurance checks by local VAT experts, providing simplification and accuracy in the multi-dimensional complexity of VAT claims to tax portals or tax authorities in more than 30 countries.

    30 years of experience and learning has been built into our tools to ensure efficiency, transparency and compliance.


    Electronic Retrieval & Intelligent Sorting


    Expert Review, Quality Control & Approval


    Smart Data Capture & Listing


    Conversion & Submission per Local Tax Requirement


    Payment Processing & VAT Refund to Client


    Real-time Claim Visibility & Reporting

    Your Portal

    As a Cash Back client you get free access to “My Cash Back”. It’s your exclusive online portal. Everything you want to know about your VAT applications, the invoices submitted and your refunds for reporting and compliance are all at your fingertips. Our real time dashboard gives you a minute by minute detailed update of the status of your claims. No more reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and reports being sent on time to your email.

    Electronic Retrieval & Intelligent Sorting

    Cash Back’s e-room has an open and secure interface which connects with common data sources such as Concur, Acubiz, Xpenditure or other travel expense management systems including your own company designed systems.

    However to meet your own standards and IT policies, our e-room solutions can equally easily import electronic images and data exported by you in any tabulated formats rather than directly connecting to your systems.

    Automated e-retrieval and import-export data functions provide many benefits; no more interruptive on-site collections, no more missing receipts and lots of time saved.


    Smart Data Capture & Listing

    As the data is uploaded or imported into the Cash Back e-room our smart tools get to work identifying information in the expense ledger or their tagged invoice receipts such as the supplier country, invoice date and expense type.

    All material is then auto-sorted by country of refund, application period, eligibility and relevant data for the application is captured.

    Even when we receive paper invoices or when we are preparing non-EU claims the process is highly automated. We utilise our huge supplier database and last supplier memory module so that invoices are auto-completed by our processing team with maximum accuracy, speed and efficiency.

    Our systems have been tested with in-built controls to avoid common mistakes and unwanted irregularities such as duplicate receipts passing through these large amounts of data and receipts.


    Technology and Expertise Combined

    Foreign VAT recovery is complex with requirements and rates varying for each country and service. 100% automated systems, with built in country rules, are unable to identify all the relevant information or interpret the correct VAT application.

    Therefore our VAT experts are verifying all claims and invoice lists before forwarding them for refund. It is an essential process to ensure that eligible receipts are not missed in the claim or invalid receipts are not incorrectly submitted with possible penalty or rejection implications.

    We have you 100% covered with our combined auto-expert services. With our VAT experts working closely with their local tax authorities and our well-known, consistently high standards year after year, Cash Back has a leading track record of getting maximum VAT refunds for our clients.

    Conversion & Submission as per Local Tax Requirements

    Once the claims are approved for processing, the system prepares them for filing. Our 30 years of experience and local expertise has been built into our submission module to convert invoice lists and applications into the specific formats and forms required by each tax authority to meet their technical regulations, application procedures and language requirements.

    Claims are filed electronically or physical applications and supporting documents are securely sent to the tax authorities depending on the applicable VAT directive. As in all previous steps of the process, the status of a claim is updated the moment it is sent to the tax authority. It means you can review all your claims throughout the process including the actual claims forwarded for a VAT refund.


    Payment Processing & VAT Refund

    As soon as the local authorities process your claims and issue the refund decision, the incoming payment is linked to the matching claim in our Cash Back Online (CBO) database. This triggers without delay your refund. By logging into My Cash Back you can see the payment receipt, transfer date and the authority decision sheet providing full transparency regarding the refund.

    We never compromise; speed and accuracy of our VAT repayments is a highly integral and important part of our service.

    Real-time Visibility, Reliability & Reporting

    In addition to our expertise and track record of maximised foreign VAT refund, more than 19,000 companies trust us for the complete visibility and transparency into every step of the process.

    Cash Back’s cloud solutions use secure encryption technology. Our systems undergo intrusion tests and operate on secure, code scrambled, https-sites with multiple back up locations.

    Cash Back has defined Good Working Practices throughout the process to guarantee a consistent, high level of service. The portal provides various management reports about current and historical refunds. The system securely stores data from previous years, giving companies fully traceable, real time reporting and our insurance.


    Get 100% Transparency in Your VAT Recovery

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