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    For all your cross-border business travel and activities

    Foreign VAT Reclaim

    We maximise your foreign VAT refund and get it right the first time. There are constant changes in tax legislation, rules and regulations.

    The foreign VAT reclaim process is complicated, time-consuming and requires in-depth understanding of country specific procedures. Due to these demanding factors and a deadline-driven process, it is crucial to get filings right the first time.

    Being the pioneer of VAT recovery, we know how to best manage the entire VAT recovery and related compliance process for your company. With a 30 year of track record, one of the largest networks of local experts, presence in over 40 countries, and long term relations with local authorities; you are really in safe hands.

    Let us manage and maximise your foreign VAT recovery.

    VAT Recovery on Business Travel

    One of the most common expenses eligible for VAT refunds is business travel incurred by your employees throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Moreover, VAT is being implemented in more and more countries throughout the world and the chance for businesses to recover this grows too.

    At Cash Back, we keep up to date on all new opportunities ensuring your business maximises its refund potential. Subject to different rules, regulations and VAT rates applicable in each country of refund, a company can recover VAT on business travel expenses including hotel nights, restaurants, car rental, fuel, rail and other public transport costs.

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    Meals &

    Car Rental &

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    VAT Recovery on Supplier Invoices

    Big or small, it is now a common practice for businesses to operate internationally and hence companies are regularly trading with foreign suppliers. A VAT reverse charge mechanism is applied on some services removing the foreign provision of VAT. However, a considerable amount is still applied on many costly transactions.

    Suppliers and companies alike struggle to keep up to date with this legislation particularly as it differs between the countries, hence invoicing mistakes are common.

    Our group of experts closely follow the local rules and know what to look out for within each industry sector. We ensure eligible companies recover correctly charged VAT from the relevant tax authorizes or in the case of incorrectly charged VAT, we ensure credits are obtained from your foreign suppliers.

    Identifying the VAT and catching the errors save your business a considerable amount of money.

    Supplier Invoices

    VAT Recovery on Meetings, Incentive Trips, Conferences & Events

    Your company may organise or attend events in countries other than your own and depending on where they are held, you may well be eligible to reclaim the VAT on the events and their related activities.

    Known as MICE, these expenses include costs associated with meetings, incentive trips for employees, supplier, or sales agents, as well as conferences, trade exhibitions and many other types of events.

    Cash Back’s expertise in managing MICE expenses helps ensure you maximise your vat recovery on these significant costs whenever possible.


    Incentive Trips

    Conferences &


    VAT Recovery on Training & Seminars

    Many businesses send their employees to attend seminars, meetings or professional courses for on-going learning and other training purposes.

    If any of your employees participate in training events or seminars within Europe, Australia or some parts of Asia, you can recover the VAT charged on the participation fees as well as other related expenses.



    Aviation VAT Reclaim

    There are many costly expenses specific to the aviation industry which incur VAT and there are very specific rules regarding which companies in the industry can recover the VAT or fuel excise taxes incurred.

    Aviation management companies, aircraft manufacturers, cargo carriers, air rescue services and organizations using corporate jets are just some of those who can reclaim the VAT charged.

    As always, the expenses are incurred in many different countries each applying different legislation. Therefore, recovering the VAT on aviation expenses requires specialist knowledge.

    VAT of up to 25 % is levied on the many pricey expenses which can include logistics, ground handling, take-off and landing fees, repairs and expenses related to the crew.

    Cash Back provide a professional indirect tax aviation program to airlines and other general business aviation operators.

    Aviation Logistics

    Aviation Fuel

    Ground Handling


    Import & Export Activities

    Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is a transaction where the seller pays for the total costs associated with transporting goods and is fully responsible for the goods until they are received and transferred to the buyer.

    When you ship equipment or goods to foreign countries, you are charged several taxes related to import in specific countries.

    Eligible DDP shipment import VAT is reclaimable, let Cash Back help you recover the VAT on these expenses.

    DDP Import VAT