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    Experienced team of experts and specialists

    Hereby we are introducing our team of managers and professionals with experience in VAT refunds and other tax recovery mechanisms in their country, intermediating foreign demands of Customers domiciled in countries where the trade group CESSCO has entered into the Cash Back franchise agreement

    CESSCO Cash Back VAT Reclaim SRO
    Masarykovo nábřeží 236/30, CZ-110 00, PRAHA, Česká republika, Tel: +420 212 248 700. Fax: +420 245 008 206. e-mail: cbcz@cashback-cz.eu

    Miro Cabish – CEO – CASH BACK – Vat Reclaim – Vracení DPH ze zahraničí – Rambursare TVA
    Born 05th of December 1974 in Holesov (Moravia). Cash Back license for Czech Republic and Slovakia acquired in the year 2006. After, in the year 2009, took over management of Romanian Cash Back office. Already in 2008 won on behalf of Czech and Slovak offices worldwide United Cash Back price "Office of the Year". Originally a stock exchange trader today focuses activities solely on Integrated Management of companies in the field of optimization foreign expenses, financial management and accounting, information technology, human resources management, the process of claiming and registrations of foreign VAT and other taxes. (CZ, SK, EN, IT, ES, FR, DE, PL, RU, RO)

    Miro Cabish

    Nikola Sidorjaková – Chief VAT Officer CZ & SK – CASH BACK – Vat Reclaim – Vracení DPH ze zahraničí – Rambursare TVA
    Born 25th of June 1986 in Prešov (Slovakia). After ending studies on the Faculty of Public Administration at Kosice University of Pavel Jozef Stefanik in the year 2008 she moved to Prague, where after activities in gastronomic and hotel services took opportunity of assistant position offer in the field of VAT refunds and other tax enforcement mechanisms to Clients of Czech and Slovak Cash Back offices. (SK, CZ, EN, DE, RU)

    Nikola Sidorjaková

    Born 19thof May 1998 in Stod (Czech republic). After finishing her studies on the secondary school of business in Pilsen, she decided to pursue a better education in Prague and during these studies she jumped at the opportunity to start her career in a czech bank, as a bank assistant. During this time she learnt a lot of things related direct selling, which has helped her in her current job in dealing with clients of Cash Back in the Czech republic and Slovakia. She is building a strong background in tax law at the University of economics in Prague, along with a strong pro-client approach and a meticulous modus operandi of action. (CZ, EN, DE, VN)

    Emma Le

    Born 29th of December in Snina (Slovakia).After the studies at hotel academy in Humenné (Slovakia), he decided to move to Prague where he started his studies at Institue of Hospitality mangement in Prague. After three years of studies he graduated with bachelor degree in management and started working as bartender,later as supervisor in restaurant. Beside of this job , he joined private college focused on taxes where he achieved Tax specialist certificate. Right after that, he took oportunity to join Cash Back team on position Chief VAT Compliance officer, where his main resposibility is VAT compliance communication between clients and Tax authorities. He is also owner of PRINCE 2 Foundation, project management certificate and likes to learn anything from the area of taxes to achieve tax advisor licence. He is passionable traveller and is also interested in anything what can fly. (SK, EN, CZ)

    Bc. Tomáš Vajda

    Michaela Stiborová – Chief Accountant – CASH BACK – Vat Reclaim – Vracení DPH ze zahraničí – Rambursare TVA
    Born 09th of February 1978 in Mykolaiv (Ukraine). After studying accounting on Novorozdil Specialised Lyceum, reached foreign certificate validation clauses testimonial of qualification in the Czech Republic at the Academy of training and accountants certifications and successfully completed independent accountant requalification courses at Business Academy. Since 2007 leads trade in the branch of accounting advisors, bookkeeping and tax records. Since 2017 holds position of the chief accountant of the companies in the CESSCO group. (CZ, RU, EN).

    Michaela Stiborová

    Born July 31, 1980 in Calarasi (Romania). In 2007 he successfully completed his studies at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and obtained a Master's degree in International Accounting at the proposal of the Faculty of Accounting and Management of Informatics in Bucharest. Since 2005 he has been active in the fields of Construction, Horeca, Aero, IT, Retail, having the function of Economist, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Economic Director, Deputy General Manager, General Manager and Administrator within well-known Romanian and multinational companies . He is currently working as Manager Area Cash Back Romania & Bulgaria. (RO, EN, ES, TR, FR)

    Mng. Virgil Jurubita

    Born 03rd of July 1983 in Rimnicu Sarat (Romania). After successful completion of economic studies in the field of international trade and communication at Bucharest university Academy of Economic Studies in the year 2008, provides self-dependent management, accounting and organizational support of the Romanian Cash Back office since 2009, where is in present days lead manager in the field of VAT refunds and other tax enforcement mechanisms. Since 2012 is in collaboration with Romanian Ministry of Finance and European Union committee actively involved in VAT reclaiming process adjustments. (RO, EN, FR)

    M. Econ. Veronica Ifrim

    Born 18 February, 1989 in Orhei (R. Moldova). Obtained his Bachelor degree in Law from "Nicolae Titulescu" University in Bucharest, 2013, and continued his studies for Master's degree in International and European Union Law. In 2014 started his career in law practice as notary legal adviser. In 2019 he joined  Cash Back Romania as manager of Office for VAT return and other taxes for Romanian clients and he is the main point of contact with Romanian Tax Authorities. (RO, EN, RU).

    Mng. Stefan Lencuta